Leadership Team

John Hutchinson, Lead Pastor

Pastor John has been serving Emmanuel Community Church since September 2008. He and his wife, Paula (also known as Becky) live in the Austintown/Cornersburg area with their 2 dogs Toby & Katie.

Snorkeling (I came face-to-face with a Bull Shark before), Going on Adventures (from jumping off cliffs to a quiet walk in the park), Working on the house, Reading books and magazines.

Important Dates:
April 6th  (Birthday)
May 17th (Spiritual Birthday)
July 24th (Wedding Anniversary)

Favorite Books:
Wide Margin Bible (Good for note taking), Celebration Of Discipline, Good To Great, Power Evangelism, The God Chasers, The Master Plan of Evangelism, The 21st Century Pastor, The Leadership Challenge

Some More of Your Favorites:
Scripture Verse: Galatians 2:20
Biblical Characters: David (Defied the Odds) & John the Baptist (Started a Revival!)
Fast Food Restaurant: Chick-fil-a (They need to open one in Austintown...Seriously!)
Dessert: Fruit. (Favorites are Dates, Grapes & Figs)
Food Dish: Grilled Chicken or Fish with Broccoli
Car: My 1985 Monte Carlo SS. It was jet black with a red pinstripe. Powered by a 6.6L 400 engine!